Admission to Provident Fund is made on the basis of application in the prescribed forms from the subscribers concerned.

All admission to Provident Fund are effected from first of the calendar month, following that in which the applicant becomes entitled/due for admission unless the due date itself coincides with the first of a month, in which case he will be admitted to the fund from that date.

The Nominal Roll and Nomination Forms are required to be submitted by the Units/Formations duly completed to Pay Audit Office and it should be ensured:

i That the appropriate Form has been used and the name of the Provident Fund concerned has been duly completed in the place in the Nominal Roll and Nomination portion/Forms.
ii That all the columns in the Nominal Roll and Nomination portion have been duly and properly completed in ink or type written.
iii That the name and other particulars given including rates of Pay and other emoluments are correct and complete in all respects.
iv That the rate of subscriptions given is correct with reference to the rules.
v That all the cuttings/scorings etc. in the Forms should be attested over dated initials of the parties concerned.
vi. That Nominations are made in favour of persons authorized under rules.
vii That full addresses and name of the nominee and their relationships to the subscribers are given.

After checking of Nominal Roll and Nomination Forms Pay Audit Officer endorse Nominal Roll as checked, over their dated signature and sign the Nomination in token of their acceptance in the space provided for. The Forms sent to the Accounts Officer concerned for further action under forwarding memos.

The Accounts Officer on receipt of the Nominal Rolls allot Account Numbers to the subscribers and return one copy each of the roll with Account Number duly noted against the name to the Pay Audit Officers and Unit/Formations concerned.

The Account Number allotted are required to be entered in the Service Books (service records) in the case of non-gazetted subscribers and in the History of Gazetted Service in the case of Gazetted Officers by the administrative authority/Pay Audit Officer.

The Account Number allotted by the Account Officer should be quoted in all the correspondence connected with the account.