Functions of DDP Controllers


Distributed Data Processing Centres for Processing of Fund Accounts

  The IT & S Centre under administrative control of CDA (Funds) is a hub for processing of GPF schedules and production of Annual Statement of Fund Accounts. The EDP Centre processed the data as received from 16 DDP Centres i.e. Distributed Data Processing Controllers which are as under:
  1. CDA Patna
  2. CDA (Army) Meerut
  3. PCDA (SC) Pune
  4. CDA Bangalore
  5. PCDA (WC) Chandigarh
  6. PCDA (AF) Dehradun
  7. CDA (Funds) Meerut
  8. PCDA (NC) Jammu
  9. CDA Chennai
  10. PCDA New Delhi
  11. CDA Guwahati
  12. PCDA (CC) Lucknow
  13. CDA Secunderabad
  14. CDA Jabalpur
  15. CDA (IDS), New Delhi
  16. PCDA (SWC) Jaipur

Responsibilities of the DDP Controllers/Nodal Centres

  • To ensure that all the schedules are properly received from the units as per their Top list.
  • To reconcile the complied actuals and schedule amounts thru the medium of Schedule Control Register.
  • To prepare batches of schedules for facilitating Data Entry.
  • To check Edit Lists obtained during validation of data on the computer and to propose the corrections.
  • To correspond with the units and obtain clarifications, corrections etc. on the observation thrown out by the computer during monthly cleaning of data/Quarterly Review of Fund Transactions.
  • To obtain wanting schedules, missing credits etc. from the units.
  • To feed corrections to Super Review Rejections on site at the time of Clearing House this is held yealy in the office of CDA (Funds) Meerut.

Responsibilities of the DDP Centres/Nodal DDP Centres

  • Data Entry of the Fund Batches received from “Fund Cell” of respective Controllers office.
  • Validation of Monthly Data.
  • Updation of data with the correction proposed by Fund Cell of Controllers office for the error thrown out during validation.
  • Quarterly Review of the fund transactions for detecting discrepancies.