History of CDA(Funds)


Prior to 1964, this office was functioning as the Hollerith Section under the administrative control of CDA (Eastern Command), Meerut. It was dealing with work related to the following four categories:

  • Compilation of Accounts.
  • Progress Register for Heads 11 of Civil Exchange Account.
  • Military Exchange Account.
  • Provident Fund Account.

In 1960, subscription to GPF was made compulsory by the Government leading to manifold increase in our workload. To shoulder the increased workload, this office was upgraded to JCDA (Funds) Meerut. At that time this office dealt with the following types of fund accounts:

  • GP Funds
  • CP Funds
  • IOFWP Funds
  • DSOP Funds
  • AFPP Funds
  • INDWP Funds

In order to provide increased customer satisfaction we began decentralization of maintenance of Funds accounts in 1967. In the first instance, AFPP Funds Accounts were transferred to respective PAOs and after that following types of Fund Accounts were transferred to various offices:

S. No. Name of Funds Year of Transferred Office to which Fund Accounts transferred
1. AFPP Fund (Army) 1967 Respective PAOs
2. AFPP Fund (Navy) 1967 CDA (Navy)
3. AFPP Fund (Air Force) 1974 AFCAO New Delhi
4. DSOP Fund (Army) 1969 CDA (O) Pune
5. DSOP Fund (Air Force) 1971 AFCAO New Delhi
6. DSOP Fund (Navy) 1976 CDA (Navy)
7. INDWP Fund 1976 CDA (Navy)