CDA Profile


CDA (Funds) Meerut is an integral part of Defence Accounts Department, headed by Controller General of Defence Accounts, functioning under the aegis of Ministry of Defence. It is committed to serve approximately 85,000 Defence Civilian GPF subscribers. The organisation ensures correct and efficient maintenance of fund accounts, prompt payment in the event of subscribers becoming non-effective, early settlement of discrepancies in the GPF accounts of subscribers and issuance of ‘Annual Statement of Fund Accounts’.

Fund Accounting is based on data input of credits/debits received from various Distributed Data Processing (DDP) Controllers. At present data in r/o Non-DAD subscribers is received from fifteen (16) DDP Controllers.

Our efforts are consistent with the ‘Quality Policy’ of the Department –

always to achieve excellence and professionalism in rendering efficient services to our customers.

Valuable suggestions for improvement in our working will encourage our efforts to serve you better.